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                  ContentKeeper Appliance Solutions

                  for ON-SITE SECURITY

Cybercriminals continue to develop new and stealthy malware to infiltrate company networks and exploit data. Organizations that prefer on-premise security over the cloud require solutions that protect from advanced threats and real time attacks without complicating security management or impeding network performance. By deploying a centralized, readily scalable solution that provides multi-layered protection, organizations can secure their networks and comply with regulations without compromising productivity.

Delivers Scalability and High Availability

Prepare for future growth with a solution that scales easily, integrates seamlessly and ensures a high-availability, high-capacity network through multi-gig Layer 2 load balancing.

Provides Control and Management of Security
For organizations that choose on-premise over cloud security, the ContentKeeper Secure Internet Gateway offers simplified, centralized web security management.


Protect the Mobile Workforce

Extend the same enterprise-grade, policy-based control and security to smartphones, tablets and laptops at any location, whether user-owned (BYOD), company-provided or school-issued.

ContentKeeper SM3 Appliance

Prevent Malware and Advanced Persistent Threats
Provide full protection from real time attacks, ransomware and other threats by deploying a multi-layered security platform that inspects, analyzes, detects and blocks malware.

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