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ContentKeeper Features and Benefits

ContentKeeper is a fourth generation adaptive web filtering appliance and globally-integrated URL update service designed specifically for enterprise environments.

ContentKeeper uses a global control list containing millions of URLs as well as a leading artificial intelligence, adaptive learning and knowledge-based real time engine to analyze new URLs as they appear, and deliver a filtering solution second to none.

ContentKeeper provides a scaleable, fault tolerant solution which fully satisfies all the technical and commercial requirements demanded by large-scale enterprise environments. ContentKeeper currently provides the world's best content management tool for numerous government and industry clients of any size.

ContentKeeper is based upon technology that uses the best features of Control List Blocking, enhanced by Dynamic Analysis and Filtering Controls. ContentKeeper monitors, manages and controls all web traffic and fully examines new and/or unknown sites in real time as the data passes through the appliance. Guided by flexible and adaptive policy-based content rules, ContentKeeper manages and controls downloads and desktop access to web content.

ContentKeeper's Closed Loop Collaborative Filtering Technology provides automatic worldwide collaborative site discovery, analysis, classification and re-classification with HOURLY control list updates, twenty four hours a, day seven days a week. Currently ContentKeeper orchestrates over 5 million users worldwide to help find, analyze, classify and re-classify new Internet sites automatically.

In brief, while there are several products on the market which perform this task, we believe that ContentKeeper is unique, and far more effective in its operation, for several reasons. Foremost among these is the fully-automated and patented real-time Collaborative Filtering process. This means that all worldwide installations, thousands of online users, participate in the URL analysis and collection process on a real-time basis. Also, ContentKeeper is a stand-alone solution rather than a software add-on, therefore it does not depend on other third party products such as proxy server or firewall technologies and associated upgrade and version incompatibility issues.

When it was launched, ContentKeeper was awarded Winner for "Best Enterprise Software" at a Networld+Interop exhibition. In addition, the product received high marks in an Independent Review featured in a recent issue of Network Computing magazine - March 2002. ContentKeeper was selected by Secure Computing magazine as the "Best Content Filtering Product" for 2004.

ContentKeeper is competitively priced, based on the number of users on your network. Also, because it continuously updates itself, ContentKeeper is sold on an annual subscription basis. Some discounts may apply, for example we offer a 20% discount for educational institutions.

  ContentKeeper - Key Recent Features!

ContentKeeper continues to offer the best in Enterprise Web Filtering. ContentKeeper development is largely customer-driven. Annual subscriptions include all product upgrades, delivered automatically, at no extra cost.

Latest features include:

  • ARM - Advance Reporting Module - summarize gigabytes of ContentKeeper log data for automated, highly-customized and sophisticated reports
  • Personal Surfing Units / Time of Day Settings - limit non-business browsing to acceptable time or byte limits or time of day periods
  • Log File Offloader - automated management of ContentKeeper log files
  • Syslog Facility - automated log file streaming to reporting servers
  • Dynamic Activity Viewer - monitor URL activity in real time
  • Multi-Administration Features - allows multiple administrators to independently manage / monitor ContentKeeper, with selective menu item access
  • Multi-Server Configuration Features - designate master/slave configurations for multiple server sites
  • Live Filtering Configuration Adjustment - set the degree of activity for the live filtering engine
  • Complete User Resolution / Directory Services Support - including NetBIOS, DNS,TCP/IP, NTLM or Basic proxy; NT40, Active Directory, Novell eDirectory, LDAP, Radius
  • Protocol Blocking - block Messenger, Kazaa, etc. protocols
  • Search Engine-specific features - keyword blocking and thumbnail image blocking

Why use ContentKeeper?

Organizations where the product has been installed so far have experienced significant savings in terms of reducing non-business and inappropriate web-surfing and non-business bandwidth usage. Also important, ContentKeeper can reduce exposure to legal liability from copyright breaches and potential harassment issues, and offers protection against web-based virus attack.

Simply monitoring non-business usage, or setting management parameters for such usage by employees is also facilitated. ContentKeeper offers several features which allow the network manager to implement the product in a flexible and customized manner, and in accord with company policy and objectives. For instance, web-filtering may be turned on or off according to time of day, user ID, category of URL, etc. with an intuitive browser-based interface to the device.

ContentKeeper is designed to fit easily and transparently into existing networks and allows organizations to develop and enforce their own Internet acceptable use policies. ContentKeeper uses its own patented, industry leading, Closed-Loop Collaborative Filtering Technology which ensures that the database of non-business related sites is superior in quality and coverage. ContentKeeper also employs AI techniques and the latest in real-time blocking and classification technology to catch new and previously unvisited sites.

Key ContentKeeper Product Features

    Major Benefits

  • Improve staff productivity - reduce or eliminate non-business web browsing
  • Recover Internet bandwidth - reduce non-business downloads, streaming media, etc.
  • Reduce legal exposure - eliminate illegal or inappropriate Internet content in the workplace
  • Reduce exposure to web-based virus and malicious code attack

    Compatible / Scaleable / Design

  • Stand-alone appliance - no compatibility issues; network and OS independent
  • Fully-scalable - designed to handle 50 to 50,000 users and up, with no significant network latency
  • Hack-proof transparent Ethernet Bridge design
  • User resolution by NetBIOS, DNS,TCP/IP, NTLM or Basic proxy; supports all directory services including NT40, Active Directory, Novell eDirectory, LDAP, Radius

    Filtering / Policies

  • Combined Control List and Real Time blocking
  • Closed-Loop Collaborative Filtering for hourly world-wide URL collection, analysis, categorization and quality control
  • Extensive policy definition tools: monitor or control access by site, category, file types, media types, custom URLs, users, groups, IP address, wild-card extensions, protocols etc.
  • Time of day and cumulative surfing time/bytes by category controls

    Administration / Reporting

  • Secure, browser-based management - designed to absolutely minimize administration
  • Optional fail-safe instant bypass switch
  • Automated log file management and reporting; export to all standard systems; real time monitoring and historical reports
  • Advanced Reporting Module - extensive and customizable for automated, template-driven reports; automated delivery via web/email

    Awards / Reviews

  • "Best Enterprise Software" - Networld+Interop show, March, 2002
  • Network Computing magazine - Excellent Independent Review - March, 2002
  • PC World (Denmark) - 4 Golden Globes - Feb. 2003
  • Secure Computing magazine - "Best Content Filtering Product" 2004

    Licence / Price

  • Annual subscription includes all software updates and hourly control list updates - both automated
  • Competitively priced, based on the number of users on your network - call us for a quote!

ContentKeeper - Web Content Solution

    Complete and up-to-date product information is available at the ContentKeeper Datacentre website: www.contentkeeper.com

Resellers and System Integrators
    Please contact us for ContentKeeper sales and installation details.

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